Monday 9th December 2013

One of the unexpected side-effects of cycling around my home county of Northumberland is becoming more aware of its history. Over the centuries there have been many political and territorial conflicts with close neighbour Scotland.

Dave and I set off on our familiar route to the Cycle Hub on the River Tyne, conveniently located on Hadrian’s Cycleway and then continued west towards Wylam. Five miles along the track lies the village of Newburn, A memorial to the Battle of Newburn Ford can be found next to the cycle path.

IMG_0227The battle took place in 1640 between a well equipped Scottish force and a poorly led English Army. The Scots were triumphant and their victory contributed to the Scottish occupation of Newcastle.

We continued on the north side of the river to Wylam, then returned on the south side as far as Newburn Bridge, once the site of the ford where the battle took place.

IMG_0233The rest of our journey took us back along the Tyne to Newcastle and another visit to the Cycle Hub before heading back home via Hadrian’s and the Reivers routes.