A View From The Seatpost

When I bought a GoPro Hero3 camera some while ago, it came with a bundle of mounts which I have been experimenting with when out cycling.

I started with the GoPro handlebar mount.


After a few outings with this set up I became increasingly concerned with the stability (and security) of this arrangement. It seemed to do little to dampen the vibration transmitted through the front fork when travelling over rough ground. I looked around for an alternative and settled on the k edge.


K edge components aren’t cheap but are made of aluminium and come with a good reputation.

This set up became my standard arrangement and I used it many times.

Eventually I became a bit more adventurous and decided to experiment with a different viewpoint. Mounting the camera on the seatpost seemed like a good option so the original GoPro mount became an option again.


In order to use this setup it is necessary to change the camera settings so that it is recording ‘upside down’ and using a Wi-Fi remote control is essential.

Despite being slightly nervous about not being to see the camera the results were worth the experiment.