Tuesday 5th November 2013

Another day when things didn’t go as planned – but this time in a good way.

Three of my friends are away on holiday and I have the responsibility of checking on their houses. Consequently I planned a rout which would enable me to call in on the houses before I set off somewhere else.

The forecast was not particularly good. There had been an early morning frost and the rest of the day promised to be cold and cloudy.

IMG_0124Contrary to expectations, after lunch the sky cleared and the sun shone although it remained cold. I set off to do my duty, pausing to take a photograph of Seaton Delaval Hall along the way.

IMG_0115My duty done, I headed for Seaton Sluice and by chance I met up with my cycling companion Ian who was out for an afternoon ride. After a brief discussion we decided to follow the route that Ian had planned. This took us along the dunes cycle path to Blyth and then we headed through Blyth, up to Cramlington and on to Seghill.

The route was mostly cycle paths and minor roads but I completed 20 miles without picking up a puncture or getting covered with mud.